Dan LaVigne

Dan shares the tips he has gathered across 30 years of painting in a format that combines  3rd person narratives and personal experience. To read past installments, click the icon at left. 

These short blogs reflect on the nature of creativity and the life that comes with choosing the artistic path. Click the icon at right to browse through some of them. 

In California, a mathematical prodigy is working to reverse engineer an artifact that could have been the true design of the Ark of Noah. On an Indonesian island, a surgeon labors in humble conditions, awaiting permission to dive into an undersea crater considered sacred by the monks who rule there.  In the 17th century, a pilgrim searches Northern France for a miracle that will make his holy order victorious over their sworn enemies. Across time and distance the lives of these three people are about to converge as their respective goals come into view, but they are not alone. They will encounter an ex-CIA operative with the ability to read minds, a serial killer who stages his crimes to recreate the crucifixion, and an Alchemist and his familiar performing dark magic in an ancient tower. Taken individually, their involvement would be strange and disturbing, but collectively they may outline the presence of a mysterious outside force with an agenda of its own. In this debut novel, Dan LaVigne blends historical fact, scientific speculation, and the mystery of faith into a fast paced, thought provoking thriller.

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